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These Squids {Won’t} Knock your {Baby} Socks Off!

This #momhack for baby socks that stay on is a game changer!

There are two things I know for certain about baby feet:

  1. They’re the cutest!
  2. It’s impossible to keep socks on them!

No matter how hard I try to keep those bad boys on, Ryan always seems to kick them off. And this isn’t a new dilema I find myself having. I had the same issue with Noah as I’m sure countless parents have had before me.

Here’s how it plays out: I put cute socks on Ryan to match his outfit annnnnd almost immediately, he kicks them off. I put them back on and he kicks them back off. We repeat this activity until I can’t take it anymore or we inevitably lose a sock!

I’ve never been a fan of shoes for babies. Call me cheap, but I just can’t justify spending a fortune on shoes that he’ll wear, if you’re lucky, a handful of times. Don’t get me wrong, we have a couple of pair that were gifted to us. But for the most part, we use socks for warmth, protection and fashion. 😉

We’ve tried everything to solve this problem. We’ve sized up, sized down, tucked the socks under the pants and tucked the pants into the socks. Nothing has worked. I am happy to tell you that I’ve finally found the solution to this age old problem! We now have baby socks that stay on!


(click above link to check ’em out)

Squid Socks - Baby socks that stay on!

Squid socks were designed by parents who know this problem all too well. What makes these baby socks special is the silicone dots, or “squiddy dots” as they’re playfully called, that are found in the inside cuffs of the socks. These squiddy dots stick to your child’s legs much like suction cups and prevent them from falling off or being pulled off. Most importantly, they are super comfortable and the dots haven’t bothered Ryan one bit.

In one word, it’s GENIUS! We no longer find ourselves worrying about whether we have extra socks in the baby bag in case we lose a baby sock or two in transit. When we change his diapers we don’t have to worry about slippery socks sliding off (say that three times fast). These socks don’t come off until we take them off. We’ve had these socks for a week now and we have literally been able to use just one pair of socks a day.

Baby Socks that stay on!

And what’s more, they are adorable! The squid prints on each sock are so vibrant and the characters are the cutest! They have a variety of characters – a baseball player, a chef, a cowboy, princess, hula girl and more! And I just saw that they’re coming out with more designs!

Not only is the product amazing, but the customer service is special. Included in the package was a thank you note and a thank you gift – a garment bag for washing the baby socks! To say that we are fans is an understatement! Squid Socks have quickly become a favorite in our household! Do yourself a favor and check them out, you won’t regret it.

Baby Socks that stay on baby's feet!


    • mamaofbothworlds says

      Right! It’s a losing battle with socks. But these socks are so awesome! I swear to you they don’t come off unless you take them off!

  1. Tabbie says

    Ok these are absolutely genius! My babies ALWAYS kicked off their socks! I’m done having babies, but this would make a fantastic shower gift!

    • mamaofbothworlds says

      Yes!!! Definitely an amazing shower gift! You’ll be their favorite person once the baby is born and they see how amazing the socks really are! Haha

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