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These are a Few of My Favorite Things: Our Playroom

Our playroom is definitely one of my favorite rooms in the house. It has transformed drastically over the past three years. It started out as a blank canvas with white walls and today its walls are beautiful and bright! Its funny just how much a room can change when a little paint is added to the walls. We spend a lot of time in our playroom and so it really needed to be a space that Noah, and now Ryan, can grow into. I wanted to share a few of my favorite things from the playroom with you all!


Mama of Both Worlds - Our Playroom

When we were deciding on a paint color, I thought it would be a great idea to paint one of the walls with chalkboard paint! I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but toot-toot! It’s definitely provided us with hours of fun! Both kids and adults alike love this chalkboard wall! As a matter of fact, my brother actually drew the awesome superhero sketch up top! Every few weeks we wash the board clean and start fresh with our letters, numbers, and artwork! Plus, how cool to be able to write on the wall without getting in trouble 😉


This super cute cart from Target houses all of our arts and crafts and learning supplies. We have our dry erase writing boards and books up top along with pencils and paper. There’s chalk, paint, magnetic letters, etc. We also have all of our coloring books, crayons, colored pencils, and markers on here too. On the middle shelf we have our kinetic sand and Bunchems which are both toys that really bring out Noah’s imagination! It’s fun hearing him play and watching him bring to life the things he imagines.


Mama of Both Worlds - Our Playroom Mama of Both Worlds - Our Playroom

Noah is very much into dressing up like his FAVORITE superheroes! It’s probably his favorite form of play. I’m not even sure that he has a favorite one anymore. The costume collection got way bigger than our little bin could manage and so my very crafty husband made this awesome costume rack. It’s probably my favorite piece in the playroom. We bought the knobs from hobby lobby and they were originally going to be for his dresser. However, when that didn’t pan out, I asked him if he could put the knobs on a piece of wood and make a costume rack. There’s pretty much nothing that Lou can’t do. He was up for the challenge and I think it came out awesome! The sign above is a vinyl cutout that we made with my cricut machine.


Mama of Both Worlds - Our Playroom

Mama of Both Worlds - Our Playroom Mama of Both Worlds - Our Playroom

Our storage system is just various size cube organizers from Walmart. We planned it out according to our needs and what would fit in our space. I don’t know what we ever did before it. There’s now a spot for everything which means that, for the most part, the floor is nice and clear! I’ve started arranging things by kid, so we have Ryan bins and Noah bins. Everything is easily accessible for Noah and he’s able to put things back when he’s done playing. The long bench-like area has become a play area for him and all of his little action figures. It really has worked out great for us.


Mama of Both Worlds - Our Playroom Mama of Both Worlds - Our Playroom

Mama of Both Worlds - Our Playroom

Mama of Both Worlds - Our Playroom

Mama of Both Worlds - Our Playroom

One of the biggest problems we had for a long while was that we didn’t have good seating in the playroom. Other than the two little chairs at the lego/craft table, there was no where else to sit. This was especially a problem for adults. We had originally thought that we would put a cushion on the long storage cubes, but as I mentioned above, Noah turned that into his play area. I was beyond excited when I stumbled upon the Nugget’s Instagram account! This couch, bed, lounger, fort, or should I say all of the above, is AH-MAZING and super comfy! Not only do we use it as seating, but Noah can use it to jump on, slide on build forts with and tunnels, and bridges, oh my! Ryan uses it for tummy time, and you can even find Lou and I in there lounging without the kids! It’s so versatile and comes in the most beautiful colors! We chose gray because we wanted it to go with all of the different colors in the room. And did I mention it’s super comfy?

Just as our boys are growing, their playroom will grow with them. Right now, it’s the perfect place for our imaginative and energetic Noah! And Ryan is growing with each passing day and soon he’ll be exploring with his big brother. Because of the age gap, this room will never stop changing. My next task is to incorporate more of Noah’s baby toys for Ryan to start to play with. And I also need to find a way to name it Noah and Ryan’s Place! 😉 Mama of Both Worlds - Our Playroom

For more DIY and kid room inspiration, check out my post on Noah’s DIY Superhero room!


  1. Flossie says

    Wow, so cool! Your kids are lucky to have such an awesome playroom! I LOVE the chalkboard wall, and also how you styled the dress-up area as the “Superheroes Vault” – so clever!

  2. Joline says

    What a precious room! I especially love the costume rack. My nephew has several superhero costumes and he would be thrilled to see them like that.

  3. thatssodarling says

    Im a momma of all boys and they would just die over this playroom! My favorite is the chalkboard and super hero costumes! Sooo cute!

  4. thatrothlife says

    I LOVE your play room! We are also going to do chalkboard paint and metallic so we can hang up our creations there instead of the fridge. And I agree, everyone needs one of those carts. I need to buy mine.

  5. Stephanie says

    This playroom is so cute! We have a couch in our boy’s playroom that is similar in the way it can be used in a variety of ways and we all love it. I am going to have to build a craft cart like that because my oldest always wants to do crafts but then I have to drag everything out.

  6. Amy says

    These are playroom goal!!! I love that the seating can be arranged as a fort. That was my favorite memories from growing!

  7. Vu Ha says

    When I was a child, my room had many dolls, Doraemon, Hello Kitty…They were so cute! This post made me remember my memories.

  8. klyeager says

    I LOVE the chalkboard wall – I’ve wanted one in the kitchen forever!!! And the Superhero Vault is soooooo cute and such a great idea!!!! I love all your photos and decorating!!

  9. newskira says

    I loved everything in your playroom. I am also planning to decorate my room with such creative things. It will definitely promote creativity in kids as well as our own work.

  10. lyddiegal says

    What an awesome playroom! It’s so nice for kiddos to have their own space they can mess up so the rest of your house doesn’t have to be sacrificed! Love the chalkboard wall so much!

  11. Michelle says

    You have some amazing tips!!! I love how organized and fun everything is. I am working on my girls playroom so will definitely be using your tips!

  12. Jessica Hughes says

    What a fantastic playroom! I recently just finished my littles’ playroom and I see a few ideas here i would like to incorporate. I love the Superhero vault!

  13. says

    Love it!! The lay room looks amazing! You are doing a great job momaofbothworlds love to read your posts!! Love the playroom came out really nice!! Perfect for the boys!!

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