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Disney World with an Infant: How to Avoid being ‘Pooped’

Sponsored Post: This post is sponsored by Beau and Belle Littles, but the content and opinions conveyed are 100% my own.

Walt Disney World has been coined as “The Happiest Place on Earth.” And as much as I agree that it is, it’s also the most exhausting place on Earth. That’s especially true when doing Disney World with an infant! That being said, it doesn’t stop us from making our annual pilgrimage to Disney World. Instead, we plan and then learn and then plan some more. With each trip, we discover new ways to help minimize the inevitable exhaustion. I’m sharing with you guys three ways to avoid being “pooped” while vacationing at Walt Disney World!

1. Make sure to use all of the amenities and services that Disney provides

Walt Disney World is truly a family resort. They have thought of everything and really do strive to make family travel a breeze. One of the most exhausting parts of traveling with an infant is lugging all of your baggage at the airport! One way to avoid feeling pooped at the airport is to recruit help! Before your trip, make sure you arrange for transportation on the Magical Express. The Magical Express is a coach bus service that provides transportation from Orlando International Airport to your Disney Resort. And the best thing about it, you don’t have to stand around and wait for your checked baggage! A few weeks before your trip, Disney will send you a tag to place on your checked luggage and they will make sure to pick up your luggage from the baggage claim and deliver it to your room. Mind Blown! This helps more than you can imagine when you have your hands full with your little ones!

Another amenity that really helps is that Disney provides complimentary pack and plays! That was one less bulky item we had to lug around. And it brought me peace of mind knowing we’d be all set when we arrived at our hotel!

Equally as important is planning your fastpass+ selections for your must do attractions! Waiting in lines is no fun for anyone! Add a hot, hungry and fussy baby to the mix and you’ll all be miserable. Disney allows those guests who are staying on property to book three fastpass+ selections 60 days in advance. Use these fastpasses to reserve the most popular rides with the longest wait times. In between your rides you can watch the parade, eat, meet characters, go on rides with shorter lines, etc.

2. Pack efficiently

Traveling with an infant can seem daunting. Honestly, it seems as though you’re packing everything but the kitchen sink! We all know babies require a lot, but it becomes a whole different reality when you try to fit it all into a 50lb luggage. The key to not feeling pooped while packing, is to find ways to minimize what you’re bringing. One of the ways I was able to save space was by switching over to reusable swim diapers! When Noah was using swim diapers, we had to pack an entire package (or two depending on the length of our stay) of swim diapers. This took up so much room! Not only did they take up room, but let’s be honest, they weren’t cute! Thankfully, I found Beau & Belle Littles swim diapers and I’m not looking back! These swim diapers are not only cute, but super efficient and an added bonus, they’re environmentally friendly!Mama of Both Worlds: How to do DIsney World with an Infant and not be Pooped

We packed two for our ten day trip and honestly, the only real reason we needed two was for fashion purposes! 😉 The swim diapers come in so many different patterns that the hardest part will be choosing which to buy! These prints were just released and I love how colorful they are! They are super affordable, especially when you take into account the fact that they grow with your baby. No more having to run out and buy the next size swim diaper because your little one had a growth spurt! They are also really easy to put on and are adjustable so that you get the perfect seal without being overly tight.  And they do the job! There were a couple of evacuations at the pool due to kids having accidents (wink, wink) in the pool. I’m happy to report that Ryan was never the culprit!  Yet another way we weren’t pooped while on our trip! 😉 The one time he did poop in the swim diaper, it held up like a champ and held everything in. And it was simple and easy to clean! I can’t tell you guys enough how amazing these are!

3. Split your days between time at the parks and time at the pool

This year we planned our days a little differently than we have on past trips. But that’s one of the adjustments you make when doing Disney World with an infant! Typically, we would do one day in the park followed by a “rest day” at the resort and then repeat. This sounds like a good idea, but what ended up happening was we were missing the firework show at the end of the night because we just couldn’t last a full 12 hours in the park! And just a word to the wise, you DON’T want to miss the Happily Every After firework show at Magic Kingdom! This year we became annual pass holders and this allowed us the flexibility to split our days. We alternated between morning pool time/evening park time and morning park time/evening pool time. Each day was filled with the best of both worlds – fun splashing in the pool and fun exploring the parks. We were definitely less pooped than we’ve been on past trips!

Mama of Both Worlds: How to do DIsney World with an Infant and not be PoopedMama of Both Worlds: How to do DIsney World with an Infant and not be PoopedPlanning a Disney World trip with an infant is half the fun! It definitely isn’t a trip that you can just experience on the fly. Check out for my post How to Plan the Best Disney World Trip Ever for tips and tricks to make planning a breeze! And do yourself a favor and head over to Beau & Belle Littles and get your little some swim diapers for the summer! Mama of Both Worlds: How to do Disney with an Infant and Avoid being Pooped


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