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Baby Bath Essentials

Bath time with the boys has always been a favorite part of the day in our house! For the grown ups and kids alike! Don’t get me wrong, there are nights when I’m so tired that I think “Does he really need a bath tonight?” I’m talking about really evaluating just how dirty he could possibly be! But the actual experience of bath time is always fun! Once we get Noah in the bath, there’s no getting him out! And thank God for us, both boys have loved bath time thus far! It’s a time where we really get to play and have quality time away from electronics and the hustle and bustle of the day.

Here’s a list of the products and gadgets that make our bath time with baby a breeze!

Mama of Both Worlds: Baby Bath Time Essentials

skip hop moby bath tear-free waterfall rinser

This little gadget is amazing and has been with us now for 4 years! It’s the absolute best for washing the soap off of baby’s head. It really does a great job of keeping the water from getting into baby’s eyes. I know a lot of mamas who have had trouble with bath time because their littles don’t like getting water in their face. Noah has always enjoyed bath time and I really think this has everything to do with it. He puts his head back and we rinse and he never has to worry about soapy eyes!

The Moby Rinser is a life saver!

bath kneeler and elbow rest

This amazing invention has been a life saver for bath times. I’ve been crying to Lou about my knees killing me during bath time. I’m talking about 4+ years of pain! I actually started sitting on Noah’s little step stool to try and see if that helped. It helps except for the fact that it doesn’t give me the leverage I need or allow me to reach in and hold Ryan up now that he’s sitting. Thankfully, I came across this bath kneeler from Gift Co. and now I don’t care how long bath time lasts! Seriously though, the 2″ think cushion provides so much support for my knees. It’s non-slip and also has 4 suction cups that stick to the inside of the tub and hold it in place. And the pockets make it great for keeping all of our bath supplies close by without Ryan getting into them. It’s easy to clean and it hangs dry so you don’t have to worry about it; just hang it and go. Everyone needs one of these! [Give it as a gift at your next shower and I bet it’ll be their favorite! Plus it’s available on Amazon with prime shipping!]

ANGELCARE bath support

Oh how I wish we had had this amazing bath support with Noah! Fortunately we found it when I was pregnant with Ryan and it worked beautifully during those early months with him. It’s great because baby can rest back and be submerged in the water without actually being “in the water.”  He’s just now grown out of it at about 8 months because he’s all about sitting up! Again, just like the bath kneeler, you can hang it to dry and don’t have to worry about mildew. And as a bonus, it fits perfectly in our big farmhouse style sink!

Mama of Both Worlds: Baby Bath Time Essentials

Ryan laying back and enjoying the water!


This one is really important to me because its super important to me that I use only the best products on my boys. I remember being at my baby shower with Noah and opening all of the beautiful and thoughtful gifts. If I had to guess, I would say we received at least 20 Johnson and Johnson baby products – soaps, lotions, powders, etc. That wasn’t surprising, because it’s the most popular! Heck, it’s what my mom used on me! I could walk into a room blindfolded and know just by the smell alone when a baby is wearing J&J lotion. To be honest, I love the smell. What I don’t love, is all of the chemicals found in it. As grateful as we were to receive the soaps and lotions, after doing our own research, we chose not to use them. But if I’m being honest, I  truly missed that “baby” smell that J&J lotions is so famous for. Well, I am happy to report that doTerra’s baby line has totally come through for me! Not only are they safe and natural, but they smell AH-MAZING! Think lavender, vanilla extract, and Roman chamomile!  I can’t stop snuggling my boys after bath time now! Definitely let me know if you want more info on these amazing products!

Mama of Both Worlds: Baby Bath Time Essentials

doTerra Bath & Body Wash and Lotion

Mama of Both Worlds: Baby Bath Time Essentials

If you’re looking for what to get a mama to be for her baby shower, any of these products above would be amazing gifts! You could also make a “bath-time basket” and throw in some wash cloths and a towel for the whole shebang!


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    You are just too cool and so detailed!! makes me want to start all over again and have a baby so that I can use all these gadgets looks amazing I love it and those pictures of Ryan are super cute!

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