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Benefits of Baby Wearing: 5 Reasons it’s a Game Changer

Have you ever loved something so much you wonder how you ever lived without it? That’s how I feel about baby wearing! The benefits of baby wearing are too amazing to miss out on! I missed the boat on baby wearing with Noah and it’s one of my biggest regrets. Unfortunately, I didn’t know the proper way to baby wear, and the one time I tried to wear him he didn’t feel secure enough and I never tried again. When I became pregnant with Ryan, I decided I was going to do everything possible to make sure that I got another chance at it.

Thankfully, I have an amazing friend (you know who you are) who has been baby wearing her daughter since day one, and she became an amazing resource. She introduced me to an amazing online community of mamas who support one another in all aspects of motherhood, but who come together first and foremost due to their love for baby wearing. I actually bought my first ring sling before I even had Ryan! I was determined to make it work this time around. And boy I couldn’t be happier with the amazing experience that baby wearing has been.

If you are on the fence about baby wearing, let me help to gently nudge you in the right direction. 😉

Here are 5 reasons baby wearing is the next best thing since sliced bread!

Benefits of Baby Wearing

1. You can carry baby hands free

This may mean more to mamas with multiple children, but even first time mamas can appreciate the joy that comes with holding your baby while also being able to get things done. You can clean up around the house, fold laundry, prepare meals, do your makeup, work, grocery shop, take the dog for a walk, the possibilities are endless! Speaking of the benefits of baby wearing, this one alone is enough reason for me! 😉

Benefits of Babywearing: Mama of Both Worlds

Baby Wearing at Disney’s Boardwalk

2. baby wearing = tummy time

If your baby is anything like my boys, tummy time may not be his favorite time of the day. That being said, it’s definitely important to get baby to work on supporting their head in an upright position. I know that the thought of tummy time gave me anxiety because after a few seconds, my kids would become unhappy and cry. Not to worry, you can baby wear instead! Baby wearing works the same muscles that tummy time works. Baby wearing encourages baby to move his neck from side to side as well as to hold his head up! Even if you don’t feel comfortable replacing tummy time completely, baby wearing can help baby achieve the same goals as tummy time.

Benefits of Babywearing: Mama of Both Worlds

Baby Wearing at Disney

3. baby wearing promotes a bond between baby and parent

Just to clarify, baby wearing is not just for mamas. My husband has worn Ryan plenty of times and has loved every minute of it. Seriously, it’s a great way to promote bonding between baby and parents. It’s no secret that little ones love to be held, and why wouldn’t they, they’ve just spent 40 weeks nestled close to their mamas. Baby wearing gives babies a sense of security and a closeness with mommy and daddy that you just can’t replicate.

Benefits of Babywearing: Mama of Both Worlds

Daddy Baby Wearing at the Farm

4. decreases flat-head syndrome

This one is pretty obvious and self-explanatory, but the more baby is in an upright position, the less time he’ll spend laying on his head. As it is recommended that babies sleep on their backs, babies spend a lot of time in the same position which can result in “flat spots” forming on the head. Baby wearing can break up the time that baby spends laying on his head.

5. the slings and wraps are beautiful

Just in case the above reasons aren’t enough for you, the slings and wraps you can buy are absolutely beautiful and really become an accessory! I can’t tell you how many times I have been stopped for someone to comment on how beautiful my ring sling is! I’m already trying to think about how I can incorporate wearing them once Ryan is too big! 😉

Benefits of Babywearing: Mama of Both Worlds

Baby Wearing on the beach in Antigua

Benefits of Babywearing: Mama of Both WorldsThe slings in the pictures above are from Vienna Springs. This Etsy store is owned by a beautiful and talented mama whose slings have brought together an amazing community of mothers in a facebook group you can find here. A big part of successful baby wearing is having a support system to help you learn the ropes! Do yourself a favor and join this group if you’re looking for a great community of mamas!

The benefits of baby wearing are endless! I’m so happy I’ve had the opportunity to experience it with my little one. 



  1. Carmen Vargas says

    I wish they had those back then when I had you! I would’ve held you close all the time! You have just amazed me with the great mom you are! I hope it has something to do with me I hope that I was as good a mom to you that you are to your boys! I love you so much you are amazing! You are an amazing mom! ❤️😊😘

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