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Celebrate Fall in Your Home!

As a kid, the Summer was always my favorite time of year. Give me the sun, sea, and fresh air! Plus, my birthday is in July so there’s that extra bonus! But as an adult, and even more specifically as a parent, the fall has slowly made its way to the number one spot! Give me fairs, apple cider, pumpkins, and all the boots a girl can dream of! Not to mention Thanksgiving and the start of my favorite holiday, Christmas! We love to celebrate fall in our Home!

When September rolls around I start to get antsy for fall to just hurry up and get here! One of the main reasons is so that I can begin decorating and getting the house ready for the season! Let’s face it, there’s not really much seasonal decorating going on in the summer months!

So I wanted to share with you all some of the subtle (and not so subtle) ways I get the house ready to celebrate Fall!


The process actually starts outside of the house! Apple picking is always step one! It’s the indicator that fall is actually upon us. It ensures we get into the spirit of Fall! It’s such a great family activity (click here for more fall activity ideas) that we all look forward to. Plus, the apples we pick become the base for the delicious smells that fill our home!


What good is apple picking if you don’t enjoy the fruits of your labor? 😉 Too much? Typically we come home and bake a delicious apple pie! You can never go wrong with apple pie! But this year I wanted to try something new! Apple Butter! And boy did it deliver! This recipe from Skinny Taste is one we will come back to time and time again! We’ve already used it as an ice cream topping, a spoonful in our oatmeal, and as a sauce on our pork from last night’s dinner! The possibilities are endless! Plus it made the house smell AMAZING as it cooked in the crock pot!


One of my favorite places to decorate is my dining room table! It’s such a great piece! It actually opens up with an additional two leaves that are built right in. It can seat up to 12, but we always squeeze a couple of more in during the holidays! It was always very important to us that we have a big table to seat all of our family for the holidays! Hosting the holidays is my jam, partly because I love to decorate!

I love to build on what I already have so the tray in the middle and the faux candle are pieces I already had. The rest however, came from the dollar spot at Target! #winning The faux flowers and greenery I got at Hobby Lobby! So inexpensive, yet detailed and pretty!


If your house doesn’t smell like Fall, then you’re doing something wrong! And if you’re burning candles instead of diffusing oils, then you’re definitely doing it wrong! Obviously it’s a personal preference, but I’d rather kill two birds with one stone: have the house smelling like fall and take advantage of the benefits the oils have to offer!

I could go into a whole science lecture as to why most candles are harmful, but I wont. I’ll just tell you in simple terms: when you burn these deliciously scented candles, they let off chemicals that you don’t want anywhere near you or your kiddos! Not to mention, I’ve saved a ton of money already replacing candles with oils!

Currently this is my favorite blend but there are a ton of amazing fall blends to choose from! Also, On Guard (doTERRA’s protective blend) smells just like fall in a bottle and it helps to fight seasonal sickness! Last week when they boys were sick we diffused it non-stop!


Once the Fall rolls around, I get to really start playing with our Fireplace! My goal with decorating the fireplace is to keep it subtle  I really don’t like it when the mantle looks cluttered (except for Christmas, then all bets are off). We actually gave the fireplace a complete makeover a few years ago and every year it gets better. This is the first year I feel like it has the character and the design I’ve been yearning for!

Mama of Both Worlds

The mantle is actually an old beam we found up in the lot of our church. DIY on a budget! 😉 And the decor has all come from Hobby Lobby, Target and Home Goods! I feel like it’s never really done, but I’m really happy with how it turned out this Fall!

This shelf sits directly across from the fireplace and I didn’t want it to be left out so I added the cutest little pumpkin!

How do you Celebrate Fall in Your Home? Share in the comments below!



  1. Carmen says

    The pictures are beautiful I just love them ! Keep up your writing it’s amazing I love to read it ! You have true talent!! and you and your family are beautiful I love all the pictures those boys are just too handsome! ❤️

  2. Kory says

    I love your decor! I need to go apple picking so I can make some apple butter and put it in my oatmeal. That sounds heavenly! I wonder if apple picking is even a thing in Texas 🤣

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