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Natural Ways to Treat Your Baby’s Dry Skin

Winter is coming. No, that’s not a Game of Thrones reference. 😉 You know how I know it’s coming, other than the obvious, dry skin. Both of my boys and myself suffer from extreme dry skin! With Ryan being so young, it’s really been awful to watch it develop. Thankfully, I’ve figured out some tips to help us kick the dry skin to the curb!

Natural Ways to Treat your Baby’s Dry Skin

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Mama of Both Worlds: Dry Skin and How To Treat It

I can’t say this enough! It’s so important to keep your child’s skin moisturized. You want to make sure you are using something gentle. Because of his age, and the fact that we really are trying to live a toxin free lifestyle, its important to us that we use something that is fragrance free. Every night before bed, I make sure to lather him up with our favorite lotion, doTERRA baby lotion. In addition, every time I change his diaper I make sure to apply some then as well.

Give Less Baths

Bath time is such a fun time in our house. And let me be real here, when I’ve had enough of chasing Ryan around the house and need some time to sit down and keep him contained, a bath is my go to! That being said, too much time in the water can really aggravate his dry skin. This is one of those times that less is more! It’s also important to make sure that the water is on the cooler side. For obvious reasons, the warmer the water, the dryer the skin gets. And make sure to keep bath times shorter when the dry skin is at its worst. We also LOVE giving him oatmeal baths! His skin comes out feeling silky smooth! 

Mama of Both Worlds: Dry Skin and How to Treat it

Apply Essential Oils

For us, a combination of Lavender, Tea Tree Oil (Melealuca) and Frankincense has worked wonders. Each of these oils can provide relief on their own. However, combined, they are a super powerful blend! I kid you not, we see immediate results just overnight! I like to use this blend for more of a spot treatment once we’ve gotten the dry skin down to just a few spots. It’s a lot easier to apply the lotion to larger areas. For Ryan, his thighs are the area that are the driest and it literally is his entire thigh. Once I apply the lotion, I usually follow-up with the blend of oils and massage them in. Once the dry skin has worked its way to being just a few spots here and there, I apply the oil blend more generously in those areas.

Keep Baby’s Nails Short

This one probably seems like the odd man out, but it’s so important! Dry skin is very itchy and your child will want, scratch that (pun intended), will NEED to scratch! Scratching the dry skin will only aggravate it and make things worse. It got so bad at one point that his scratching broke through the skin. It’s such a hassle to cut Ryan’s nails, he hates it, but since then, I make sure we get it done. I try to do it while he’s watching a show so that he’s not really paying attention to what I’m doing. When he was younger, we were able to do it while he slept. Whatever your trick is, just make sure to groom those nails! =) We use this one from Amazon and it has a built in light!

I can honestly tell you that as long as we follow these simple practices, we are able to keep the dry skin to a minimum! And finding natural ways to treat baby’s dry skin is the cherry on top! I hope they work for you too!

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