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Yes, you need a Niche! Here’s Why

What is a Niche? Do I really need one?

Niche: a comfortable or suitable position; also known as – your calling. In the online world, ‘niche’ is a word you hear a lot. It’s a small word that has created two different trains of thought. Some think it’s good to niche down, while others think it’s a horrible mistake. Strangely enough, there doesn’t seem to be a middle ground.

Why you need a Niche - Mama of Both Worlds

My ‘Two Cents’ on Niching Down

If you ask me, and I guess you kind of are since you clicked through to this post, you should absolutely, 100%, without a doubt, niche down! There’s a lot of reasons why, but let me give you the most important ones.

1. If you’re talking to everyone, then you’re talking to no one

A lot of people think that if you niche down you’ll exclude potential clients/customers. I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty sure I was of that same mindset at first. But here’s the thing, if you’re trying to talk to everyone, you’re really talking to no one. Sure, you’re talking to them, but chances are you’re not pulling at their heartstrings or talking their language. The chance of them becoming potential clients is slim because you haven’t mastered the power behind your message.

If you are trying to please everyone in the hopes that everyone becomes a fan or a potential client, then you’re going about it all wrong.

2. They won’t come looking for YOU

If you don’t niche down then your potential clients won’t know that they should be looking for you. When you do niche down, you establish yourself as an authority in that specific area. So the next time someone needs advice/help in the area that you’ve niched down in, they’re going to come looking for you. Think about it. You must have accounts/people who you follow that inspire you or teach you how to do specific things. When you have a problem in their area, I’m sure you turn to them before you turn elsewhere.

Choosing a niche, and owning it, will set you apart from the rest. If you want your ideal client to think of you as an expert then you need to establish that title by showing up in your specific area! You’ll find that once you do choose a niche, it becomes a lot easier to target your clients and create content that works for you!

3. It doesn’t mean you can never expand or talk about other things

Here’s the deal, just because you choose an area to become an authority in, doesn’t mean you can never have an opinion or a voice about other topics! I’ll even take it a step further – you shouldn’t exclude other topics. Here’s why: In order to gain long-lasting, genuine clients, you have to do more than just give them what they need. They’ve got to know, like and trust you! So, how do we ensure this? We introduce them to the person behind the brand! Talk about topics that are personal to you and not general in nature. Give them a peek into your day-to-day. Let them know that you understand them and can relate to them in other areas of life.

Additionally, when the time is right and you’ve grown your business with an honest and genuine following, there’s always room to expand. Once you serve your client in one area and they’ve gotten to know, like, and trust you, chances are you’re going to be able to help take them to the next level thus opening up your niche to a wider audience!

How do I define my niche?

I’m glad you asked! Stay tuned because next week I’m sharing some helpful tips on how you can define your niche and own it! In the meantime, feel free to check out the video on my IGTV where I elaborate on this topic more in-depth. There are some nuggets in there that you don’t want to miss!

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I think every woman that dreams of one day being their own boss should read your e-book. It made me hopeful that one day, I too, can possibly reach that freedom. It was so encouraging!
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Your ebook has honestly given me the confidence to start on the path towards starting my own business. I've used your steps to really narrow down what I need to do. I have things to focus on instead of feeling so overwhelmed!
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